Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Brass Lanten SUS

Hiya folks,
UGH.... nothing has been meshing timing wise lately.
I keep trying to complete the Nebuli run, as well as get the Cam Beads started.
The past several weekends however, the machines have been full up.
I did however sneak in just a few of these Brass Lanterns between jobs.
I have 6 Available for this sign up sale.
Made from 360 series Brass .375 diameter * 1.343 in length.
 These feature a 3mm * 23mm Self Lighting Gas Vial in Green, or Ice Blue, a SS split ring, and use a  #8-32 socket set screw for captivation of the vial. The set screw has been drilled through for additional viewing of the vial.
Please be aware the SLGV's are installed, and the Lanterns have been packaged up for shipping, so what color you receive will be a surprise.
USA = $110.00
OCONUS = $129.00
Sign ups are closed.
Here are the winners: 

2 quagmire
12 Gertie Chopper Danneskjold
7 Alex
8 James Arthur Markel
1 Scottyhopp
18 charrity
Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from SignUpSale.com , so be sure to check your spam folder after the winners have been announced.
Thanks kids,

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