Sunday, April 19, 2015

OG Brass Cube SUS

Hi folks,
A little update first here.
I am diligently working to complete the remainder of the Nebuli run which from this point on will feature Damascus blades. I have some some exciting features I'll be adding to some for that extra lil something special.
Also on deck is a run of Cam Beads.
These will be in Tellurium Copper, Titanium, Zirconium for sure, and maybe a few other materials ie Brass & Bronze.
A few will me plain, while most will be slotted about the center cam 3x's to accept self lighting gas vials.  I decided to go with on the 3 slots this time vs. 9 to save you all some $$ when you go to purchase vials. We'll call these "Economy Slotted Cams".
Finally there are several new items I'm looking forward to tackling which are in the design/prototype stages.
 On to today's sale.
These are "The Original Cube" design that got JMA going.
I haven't done these in quite some time, and thought it'd be nice to revisit them.
Though the Original Cubes were made of Aluminum, and Type III hardcoated, I opted to do this run in 360 Brass.
Machined from 1" square stock, each Cube is handled 12 times during the machining process.
Finish size is .9375 square featuring a .750 dia. inner ball, and eight.3125 square satellites.
Thru holes are .281 in diameter.
Finish on these is bead blasted.
I have 35 available for this sign up sale.
USA = $65.00
OCONUS = $84.00
Sign up is Closed.
Here are the winners:
21     Pat Myballs    
56     Justin Vaughan    
13     jeff resnick    
57     Jason Peterson    
50     Kenneth Moeller
37     ki    
11     Mat Div    
3     John Harrity    
41     Charles Symeonides    
20     Jason Shoobridge    
47     Carlin evanoff    
22     Erick    
68     Jerry Hawk    
45     Josh    
17     Eric Corbiere    
27     joseph sajec
29     Bobby Brown    
8     Shelton 
58     Paladin 
43     Alex S.    
65     Bill Roust    
42     Jim mc 
1     Jeremy Joiner 
25     Sal Dali    
53     JSA    
7     Chappy    
30     Scott Bookless    
2     bring me luck    
24     ScottyhopP    
62     Hector Barraza    
49     PM3    
52     A Rod    
9     Kyle Keller    
69     Kai Howells    
40     elfan

Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder after the winners have been announced.
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