Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bronze Micro Bit Twist SUS

Hi folks,
If you've been keeping tabs on the JMA Facebook page, you know I'm making good progress on the latest Nebuli knife run.
While I was running the blade "grind" operation this past weekend, I had ample cycle time to produce some  "Bronze Micro Bit Twists".
I have 14 tools available for a sign up sale.
This tool is .375 thick x .625 wide over the .312 radii x .625 high not including the bit.
The bit holder is a 1/4 hex machined .400 deep. In one side is a  #8-32 socket set screw to hold the bit in place
To top it off, there is a small split ring attached, so you can put this on your key chain.
While the tool comes with a #2 Phillips bit you can replace it with any 1/4 hex bit that is to your liking. A 5/64 short arm Allen wrench is included.
USA = $45.00
OCONUS = $64.00
Sign is Closed.
Here are the winners:
1 Andrew W

39 Frederico F

28 Jeff P

2 Gary g

18 Outils

37 Slappybonehead

35 Nick F.


12 Otis M

36 Kendall

11 Dave Au

21 tim f

40 Kim S

8 fishfinder go
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