Monday, May 19, 2014

Lil Monster Prototype SUS

Up for a sign up sale, I have 9 "Lil Monster Prototype Tops".
I made these to test the geometry prior to making the true "Monster Tops" which will be made from 4" diameter 316 stainless steel some time in the future.
To date, these Lil Monsters are the longest spinners I've produced.
Material is Tellurium Copper.
These measure 1.855 in diameter by .725 in height, and feature a 1/16 diameter ceramic bearing in the tip.
I've added 2 "O" rings to each stem which aids greatly in spinability.
Sign up is Closed. 
USA = $65.00
OCONUS = $84.00
Out of 91 entrants, here are the winners:
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58 twice in a week?

24 mcmc

65 Sean T N

76 Edmund W

79 Hops M

71 Yo_M

69 Ks

11 lou r

86 TommyL

Ever appreciative,

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Need more Lil Monster's :)