Sunday, February 23, 2014


Hey there kids,
Here we go with the long awaited "TiBIA's", or Titanium Beverage Imbibing Accessory Sign Up Sale.
These are made from 6AL-4V Titanium, and measure .200 thick, X .750 high, and 1.950 in length.
Purposes are the cap lifter, and a tab lifter/regular screwdriver blade located at the tail end.
All pieces were tumbled, and then bead blasted making them nice, and buttery in hand.
I then loaded each one with a Green glow dot.
USA price is $65.00
OCONUS price is $84.00
Out of 196 entrants, here are the winners.
Payment Emails have been sent.

152 John O'D

147 Carlos D

115 Rino

55 JdJ

9 Me Sexy

78 Hector B

165 Dan s

190 shogan

122 Chris W

76 Nick425

4 Isreal H

73 Greg Gagne

92 Sean T N

137 myth

166 David Au

131 Tasi y

54 KooKoo Magoo

59 Hops McGee

7 Adi K
Thank you kindly,

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