Saturday, November 30, 2013

More Brass Tops SUS

Happy day all,
I trust everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving.
Things are busy busy here at JMA.
I finally started the run of Nebuli knives today.
Still need to add Glow Dots to the TiBIA's which will happen soon.
Plus there's a few other things in the works to boot.
Anyway, lets have a Sign Up Sale today for 20 more of the Brass Tops.
Material is 360 series Brass.
These measure 1.450 in diameter by 1.00 in height, and feature a 1/16 hardened 440C stainless steel ball bearing in the tip.
USA = $65.00
OCONUS = $84.00
Here is the winners list, payment Emails to follow.
71 nick

115 Robert L

91 Thorn

24 Scott H

22 Outils A

29 Tim F

41 allan n

15 Ryan K

56 Shoezzzz

81 David W

3 ki

27 Kip

112 Nick A

26 Brian B

119 Greg K

113 Tom B

85 Chris M

122 Chris W

99 Jan D

Thanks to all whom entered,

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