Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hello folks,
Please don't think of me as rude for not replying to all the requests for SUS numbers.
There's just too many of you all.
I truly appreciate the interest in my work, and will be looking at some sort of software program soon to help me with sign up sales entries.
Carry on,


Chris Choi said...

Hey Kenn,

On my blogspot, I have a form you can submit and it puts it into my Google Drive. It goes in order, so each entry gets assigned a number. This way you won't have to manually respond to each email, just rename the file once it closes and pick a number. :) I can figure out what it is and send you some info. Doesn't cost anything.

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Yeah, please Email me the info, so I can look into it.

Myth90045 said...

First time trying to get your stuff. No worries on the email reply back. Just assumed I missed it.