Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Tellurium Copper Cam Beads"

Hello folks,
You may remember I made a few prototype Cam Beads a while back.
Well yesterday I got around to finishing up a production run.
For the production ones, I decided to add 1/16 diameter thru hole to each of the cam lobes to make them a little more ornate.
Use them on knife lanyards, as zipper pulls, roll them around on your desk, or however you choose.
Physical specs:
Made from Tellurium Copper
Plain machined finish.
.600 diameter x .5625 in length.
.201 diameter thru hole to accommodate para cord.
*******SOLD OUT******
These are $25.00 each.
Limit of 4 per person.
Please send an Email to: jordanmetalart@gmail.com if you'd care to make a purchase, and to confirm availability.
Thank you,

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