Friday, October 5, 2012

"One Off Damascus Lantern SUS"

****This sale has run it's course & the winner has been announced below****
 Hello everyone,
Let's have us a Sign Up Sale.
Up for consideration I have a One Off Damascus Lantern with a Green vial.
This piece is the same size as the last ones, but has 3 viewing slots, and  3 rows of accent dimples added as well.
Also included in this SUS I have an Atwood Lanslide in Teflon to toss in the mix.
Winner will receive both items.
My daughter is bored, so I've decided to let her draw the winning number from a hat, bowl, box....whatever I happen to find come that time.
Please read the following text carefully. 
If you're interested in the item offered, I ask the you Email
In the "Subject" field type "SUS".
I'll respond to Emails in the order received, and reply to each with an entry number.
This is your entry number for the SUS. One entry per person.
Shortly after the close of sign ups, I'll have my lovely daughter draw the winning number.
I'll post the winning number here on the Blog, and Email the winner with payment info.
USA price $150.00.
OCUNUS price $160.00.
Sign up is CLOSED.
The winner is #8, congratulations.
There were 74 entrants in total.  

Thanks to all who entered,