Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Geo Sphere SUS"

***This SUS has run it's course and the winning number announced below***
Hi again,
For this Sign Up Sale I have 1"Geo Sphere" to offer up.
Made from Titanium, it measures .900 over the flats.
There are 26 facets each having been drilled through to the Spheres center.
As you can imagine this was pretty labor intensive, so I'm not going to be making any others.
For an example, I figured out I could have run a dozen of any style of Cube in the amount of time I have invested in just one of these.
I did make 3, but the second will be saying here with me, and the 3rd. has no holes & a new home already.
I had thought about anodizing this, but I'm really liking it just plain, so it's gonna stay plain.
Please read the following text carefully. 
If you're interested in the item offered, I ask the you Email
In the "Subject" field type "SUS".
I'll respond to Emails in the order received, and reply to each with an entry number.
This is your entry number for the SUS. One entry per person.
Shortly after the close of sign ups, I'll then use a random number generator to choose the winner who will receive "Geo Sphere".
I'll post the winning number here on the Blog, and Email the winner with payment info.
USA price is $125.00.
OCONUS price is $134.00.
Sign up is CLOSED!
#35 is our winner, congratulations.

Thanks for stopping by,


melman8r said...

The no holed one would have been my choice...

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Hmm, I may be able to pull off a few "no holed" ones in the future?

Wes said...

I thought this was it for the geo's Kenny?

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Yeah, you're right Wes.
It's just hard to say no.....

Wes said...

Haha of course it is! I am all for it if you do more ;)
But then I might have to bug you to get me a Dammy whistle :P