Thursday, May 24, 2012


Good evening all,
Up for your consideration I have a few more Lanterns available.
This will be it for Lanterns for some time. I really need to move on to other projects.
Okay then, here's what we have for this installment:
Specs: .384 diameter * 1.343 in length featuring a 3mm*23mm Self Lighting Gas Vial.
0 Bronze Lanterns with Ice Blue vials.
0 Bronze Lanterns with Green vials.
 !! ALL SOLD!!......this has to be a record!!
0 Brass Lanterns with Ice Blue vials.
0 Brass Lanterns with Green vials. 
USA price is $95.00 each.
OCONUS price is $107.00 each.
Interested? I ask that you send an Email to if you'd like to make a purchase, and to confirm availability.
Thanks everyone, and have a great Memorial Day weekend.
Bronze is the upper one & Brass below.


Jason S. said...

Wow, I am the only one here? I just want to say thanks to Kenn for making these cool lanterns in these two materials. It is a nice change from Ti even though I love my Ti! I was VERY lucky to have gotten one!

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Everyone is hanging out over on the JMA Face Book page. There's a link in the top right margin of the main blog page that'll get ya there.
Thanks for the kind words.