Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Damascus Lanterns"

Hello again,
Today for your consideration I have a few Lanterns available.
The material is a Stainless Steel Twist pattern Damascus forged by Chad Nichols.
Physical specs: .384 diameter * 1.348 in length. 
Each Lantern features a 3mm * 23mm Self Lighting Gas Vial, SS split ring, and use a  #8-32 SS socket set screw for captivation of the vial. The set screw has been drilled through for additional viewing of the vial.
I'm also including a 15mm long SS gated McGizmo clip with these.
After the machining process these are polished up, and then given a dip in Ferric Chloride for etching which brings out the pattern inherent to the material.
Since I have so few of these, this is a one per person sale.
0 with Green vials. !!Sold!!
0 with Ice Blue vials. !!Sold!!
USA Price on these is $140.00 each.
I ask that you send an Email to if you'd like to make a purchase, and to confirm availability.
Thanks so much folks, Oh & stay tuned as I'm attempting a 2 Sale day....:)


Wes said...

Haha nice! Kenny did that sale set as new record?
That pic is very cool

Anonymous said...

Oh darn! Missed it!

CW said...

Yes!!! Scored a greenie! These look epic, I'm stoked:)
Thanks Kenn, you da man

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks all....that was a fast one;)