Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Ti Lights, Part Deux"

Hey again,
Today I have the remainder of the new version "Ti Lights" ready to go.
These are made from 6AL4V Titanium, and feature a 3mm * 23mm Self Lighting Gas Vial, SS split ring, and use a  #8-32 socket set screw for captivation of the vial. The set screw has been drilled through for additional viewing of the vial.
Physical specs: .384 diameter * 1.348 in length.
Here they are:
0 Sporting a plain satin Scotch Brite finish.with a Green SLGV. !!Sold!!
0 Sporting a plain satin Scotch Brite finish.with an Ice Blue SLGV. !!Sold!!
0 Green anodized with a Green SLGV. !!Sold!!
0 Blue anodized with an Ice Blue SLGV.!!Sold!!
0 Tropical anodized with a Green SLGV. !!Sold!!
Price on these is $105.00 each.
Email me at if you'd like to make a purchase.
I thank you kindly,


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

All have been spoken for in this run folks.
I'll try & squeeze in another batch in a month, or two.
Thanks all.

vegassprky said...

Glad I finally got one of these. Thanks Kenn!! Gary :>)

masturfader said...

They look great Kenn. That tropical ano is awesome!

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Happy for ya Gary:)

Thank you, the Tropical ano was a feat on a small round part.

eman said...

"...the Tropical ano was a feat on a small round part".

You have some great focus on details


Wes said...

These came out really nice Kenny. I like The evolution of the Ti lights ;)

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks Wes,
The originals were great with the para cord holding the vial in, and I did them like that for the simplicity aspect.
These new ones though I find much more appealing.