Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Ti Lights"

It's May already I suppose I should break out the lawn tractor, and other seasonal implements.
Anyway I've run another batch of "Ti Lights" that are all set to go.
These are made from .540 diameter 6AL4V Titanium, and are 1.270 in length. There are four viewing portals featuring five .093 diameter holes with a 45 degree counter sunk slot. These have a nice satin Scotch Brite finish on them. Inside is a 3mm x 23mm Self Lighting Gas Vial. Once again the Vial is captivated by the para cord lanyard.
I think I'll attach one to my John Deere key ring...:)
Here's what's available:
0 Pieces in Plain Satin finish, and a Green vial.
0 Piece in Plain Satin finish, and a Ice Blue vial.
CONUS Price on these is $95.00 each.
If you're interested please Email with your color choice as well as your payment preference.
As always thanks for looking,


vegassprky said...

Purdy stuff there Kenn! Gary :>)

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Well thank you Gary...:)
How's your Nebuli serving you?

vegassprky said...

Kenn it lives in my watch pocket all the time! I"m quite fond of it! Need to make a landyard for it, got some 550 with neon spiral green so will see what I can come up with! Have fun mowing! Good luck with the sale! Gary :>)