Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Final Machining Of Blades Complete"

Hey Folks,
I finally managed to finish the last few machining operations on the blades.
This included milling the circular pocket recess for the thumb wheel, as well as drilling, and tapping the to secure it.
Lastly I milled the angle on the blade for the lock bar engagement.
I'll throw the blades in the tumbler on Monday, and then get them off to the heat treaters.
Upon their return I'll surface grind them to their final thickness.
After that I will assemble each one, and check the fit of each.
Then disassemble, and the blades are off to a friend I'm not at liberty to mention who's agreed to put the finished edge on them.
Then after all that I can assemble them for the final time, and start getting them into Folks hands.
Here's the latest pictures.
Enjoy, Kenn

Oh yeah, I'll be posting some more "Ti Lights" in the next day or two as well.


Wes said...

sweet! always nice to see an update :)
it's only a matter of time now.....


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Yup in the final stretch now...:)

vegassprky said...

Glad to see the progress, they look really nice!!!!!! Gary :)

localguy said...

Sorry I missed the update! How exciting!!

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

I run the blades through the tumbler for a day this week, and I'll contact the heat treater on Monday to discuss getting them done.