Friday, May 14, 2010


Hey there folks,
Just wanted to share a photo of some newly anodized Titanium.
I was gifted a sample of a product called Multi Etch.
It apparently cleans impurities while slightly etching the Titanium, making the surface accept the anodizing process with greater success.
This is an amazing product, just look at these colors.
I'm able to achieve much more brilliant results in a wider spectrum now.
Sorry, no new Knife progress this week...:(


eman said...


Great ano colors....Will look great on Ti lights.

Slow and steady wins the race! Great products take time...

best wishes


vegassprky said...

No slacking on the knife proto, don't make me come back there LOL!!! Nice stuff those anos!! Gary :>P

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

I spent the day trying to get 1 of 2 lawn tractors to run, so I could get some much needed yard work done. I finally got the Simplicity running after a complete take down on the Carb. I spent 6 hours working on lawn equipment to mow the lawn for an hour.
There isn't a big enough pill for the back ache I've got right now.
Now unfortunately,
Next weekend we're having a combo 8th. Birthday/H.S. Graduation party, so no progress then either..:( sorry.
Soon enough though....

vegassprky said...

Kenn sure glad we don't have grass in in my area of Nevada(we're a desert out here, they discourage grass) so no problems like yours thank heaven!! So heal up and have a great birthday/graduation party next weekend and we'll keep watching for updates in the near future!! Gary :>)