Monday, December 14, 2009


  I made this little Aluminum diamond shaped piece a while back and it just kept calling to me to do something with it. So after seeing all the great and varied lanyard beads available it came to me. I added two holes in the side to accept Para Cord, polished it up and tied it to one of my Encapsulators using Matthew Walker knots.
 I think it's cool looking as well as utilitarian.
 Also in the picture is one of my Red Brass Triple Cubes and a fine tip Sharpie for size comparison.
Just thought I'd share, I have to keep posting stuff so all you Folks stay interested. 



eman said...

Interesting shape for lanyard fob, and looks very nice with the encapsulator....

Hmmm, red brass fobs...?

Wes, your thoughts?


Wes said...

Something new Kenny? ALRIGHT! looks very interesting. I have to ask can you post some more pics of the fob, maybe some different angles or up close shots :) it's hard to see it in that shot.

Cool idea John, I love the Red Brass just like you ;)


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

I added some close up photos just for you...

eman said...

Great pics! I love the machined bevels--very cool...

Time to stock up on the red brass!


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks John,
My camera decided to be cooperative on these...LOL
If you guys are interested in these I can do a small run in both Aluminum & Red Brass...:)